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Our goal as the LCPAAA is to be a proactive organization which focuses on creating a better understanding and cooperation between local law enforcement and the community. Our overall primary responsibility is our involvement with LPD sponsored events.

Our motto: "Effective Crime Control is a Team Effort."

We believe that crime prevention is a focal point of our LCPAAA. We work with the LPD Crime Prevention unit to make our presence known to the community. We also attend various law enforcement sponsored events and workshops.

We conduct fundraising events on behalf of the LPD. The annual Honoring Heroes Fundraiser provides funds that are used in the replacement of police dogs who will be retiring.

We are a source of volunteers for activities in the community that LPD participates in.

We act as host for the LPD Citizen Police Academy classes.

We meet once a month and receive valuable information from various guest speakers.

Crime Prevention Training: The LPD is offering a program in Basic Crime Prevention which will encompass 24 hours of classroom training. It will likely involve two (2) three (3) hour sessions each week for 4 weeks.


Lakeland Citizen Police Academy Alumni Association, Inc.
"Effective crime control is a team effort."